My career has taken me across the world. Though most of my experience has been in Toronto, I've had opportunities to work with companies in France, Vietnam, and the UK, enabling me to become adaptable globally.

*Note: This page is currently a work-in-progress. The high-level positions and timelines are available, with more detailed descriptions for each coming soon soon! For any further questions until then, feel free to contact me!

Momentum London

Sales and operations

Momentum aims to bridge the gap between startups and corporates through co-creation. By facilitating one-to-one sessions to help startups validate their products across industries, as well as private events, Momentum helps future-proof business through co-innovation.

At the company, I was one of 5 employees, with my main areas of focus being revenue growth through membership sales as well as the ongoing operations of our engagement. During this time, I added over $40,000 in new revenue to the compay, which equated to about 70% of revenue for the 2 quarters. I also streamlined the operations of the programme by implementing various automations using tools. Due to personal reasons, I made the decision to return to Canada at the end of 2018.

may to dec 2018

London, England

2016 To Early 2018

toronto, canada

York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants (YSEC)

managing director

I wanted to learn about the broader industry of sustainability, which is why I joined YSEC almost as soon as I started my International MBA.

summer 2017

paris, france

Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

global public policy intern

*more info coming soon!*


2016 - apr 2017

Toronto, canada

da nang, vietnam

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

volunteer advisor

*more info coming soon!*

2013 - 2016

Toronto, canada

Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE)

co-chair, national board of directors

*more info coming soon!*



Toronto, canada

potentia renewables

engineering coordinator / project consultant (part-time)

*more info coming soon!*